Thursday, December 1, 2016

Davis turns 3!

With Davis's birthday on a Sunday this year, and the day after we got back from Thanksgiving in Idaho Falls, we kept things pretty low key this year. After church we made homemade pizza and opened his presents. Davis really loves cars and trucks and his favorite tv show right now is called "Blaze and the Monster Machines." He was very excited to unwrap some Blaze toys and new trucks from his grandparents, nana and papa, and us. He was even excited about his new Blaze sippy cups!

Naturally, he had a Blaze cake. He loved it and it made me smile to see him so excited about it. We invited over a few of his friends and their families to come have cake and ice cream with us, and I could tell he felt pretty awesome.

We all had a good laugh as he went to blow out his candles and he kept blowing over them. He kept blowing so hard and couldn't figure out why the candles wouldn't go out! It was so cute.

Whenever we asked him hold old he was going to be, he insisted he was turning 100 :)

We are so very lucky to have Davis in our family. If you know him, you love him. He's always drawn people in with his huge smile. He's our most independent and stubborn child so far, but he's also so sweet, helpful, and loving. He's always wanting to help me with whatever I am doing, whether it be loading the dishwasher, doing laundry, or moving groceries out of the cart to be scanned. His little voice is the cutest thing ever and I love listening to him. 

His birthday questionnaire:

Here are a few other notes on Davis at 3 years old:
-Weighs 39 lbs (96th percentile) and is 39.75" tall (92nd percentile)
-Asks for chicken nuggets for lunch almost every single day
-Says, "That's pretty good!" whenever he tries something he likes
-Thinks any fast looking car is a "Porsche car"
-Loves dancing when listening to a song he likes
-Always caring around a couple of Hot Wheels and sometimes sleeps with them
-Loves strawberry milk but is picky in what cup he'll drink it out of
-Steals candy in our house all the time and has a major sweet tooth
-Rarely will eat his dinner
-Wants to wear tank tops to bed almost every night and calls them his "basketball shirts"
-Loves nursery at church and when he hears the final song in sacrament meeting, he starts saying goodbye and wanting to head for his class
-Starting to potty train
-Still loves his "mimi" (pacifier), even though we really need to just bite the bullet and get rid of it

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