Thursday, December 15, 2016

Molly 8 months

I am a few days late in getting to this because, hello Christmas! haha. I can't believe how time continues to fly and here we are at 8 months for Molly. She is doing awesome. Just recently she's started getting separation anxiety and she started reaching and crying for her mama. Feels good to be loved and wanted. :) Here are my favorite pictures this month:

With her cousin Hayley (we compared baby pictures of Hayley to Molly over Thanksgiving and you can definitely tell they are related!)

Bundled up and ready to go cut down our Christmas tree!

Sunday selfie. I was trying to distract her with my phone. 

The best place in the world.

Watching grandma and her cousins roll out dough at Thanksgiving.

Ready to eat her first Thanksgiving meal!

Molly and her new cousin, Lincoln.

Her eyelashes!!!

Getting ready to swim at Little America. She didn't love it, but I bet she will next year!

For her 8-month pictures we decided to take them in front of the Christmas tree. I took them all at different times of day, so the lighting is way different in all of them.

I can't believe next month is 9 months! 

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