Saturday, February 18, 2017

Molly 10 months

I am sitting here in disbelief that I am writing another one of these monthly posts, and not only that, I am a week late! I sound like my parents when I say time is speeding up. I know I am going to blink and she is going to be a year old. 

The past month has been surprisingly busy and really hasn't slowed down much since the holidays. Molly is currently pretty sick with a nasty cold and it is the first time she has really been sick. She's handling it like a champ though and I am praying we are on the mend. Her big news this month is that she finally had a tooth pop through-- now two! She knows how to wave "bye-bye" and put her hands in the air when we say "hooray!" She's babbling more and more, and in general, is a just an easy-going, happy girl. She still isn't even close to crawling, and I am not encouraging it in any way. :)

Here are my favorite pictures from the month:


At Jackson's baptism

Working on her splits ;)

Wearing the dress my mom made for me when I was a little girl! She looked so cute and we took a ton of pictures.

Sean and I often send each other pictures when we are snuggling with Molly to make each other jealous :)

The day she turned 10 months, it was a dark, overcast day. The light in our house was terrible and it was too cold to take pictures outside. Despite the poor light, I think we still ended up with some pretty cute pictures of Molly girl. 

These next two crack me up.

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