Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Molly 11 months

Well, this is the last monthly update until Molly is a year old! This month flew by maybe fastest of all, partly I think because we were on vacation for part.

I've probably seen the most growth from Molly this past month. All of the sudden she seems to be more of a curious toddler than a baby. She is curious about everything around her and wants to grab and play with everything. She's gained a lot of coordination, is more adventurous, and is close to crawling. She scoots a bit, mostly backwards, but I don't think it will be much longer before she figures it out. All of our kids have been slow to crawl and walk, and I sort of love it. She also now has two teeth. She loves pointing and shaking her head back and forth, and she's always kicking her legs.

Molly was sick for the first time this month. She's had a stuffy nose before, but nothing really that has ever amounted to much. This month she had a really terrible cold that lasted for quite awhile. I was worried it would eventually lead to an ear infection, but thankfully it cleared up and went away. Even sick she was sweet and smiling.

We took a big family trip to Hawaii this month, and she was a lot of fun to have around. She enjoyed all of the extra attention she got since Sean and I weren't tied up with the responsibilities of home. She loved playing in the surf and just hanging out at the beach and the pool. She was flexible with naps (which I guess partly comes from being the fourth child!). I took a ridiculous number of pictures of her, but I couldn't help it. No one can ever accuse me of taking less pictures of all of my kids after my first!

This girl brings our family a whole lot of joy.

My favorite pictures this month:

Notice her wand :)

First time on a plane!


Watching the sunset with dad.

Her pointed toes!

Lashes and cheeks!

Trying to grab my sunglasses

 Photos on the day she turned 11 months



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