Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bode turns SIX and his year in review

Our second birthday of the week was Bode turning six! It about killed him waiting for his birthday this year, and I think having to celebrate Molly's first was pretty torturous! 

We had his birthday party at a place called Funtopia. It is a climbing place for kids, and it was so fun and so easy for me!

After the party we headed home and let him open his presents from us. We went to Tucanos for dinner (his choice) with John and Sylvia, who happened to be in town. I made Bode his favorite chocolate cake for dessert, but we were all so full, none of us ate much! We've slowly been whittling away at it over the last several days.

As far as an update, Bode has had a really great year. He's started kindergarten and is doing great at school. He's such a social kid and has made lots of new friends this year. He even asked for a girl's number and brought it home on a piece of paper one day! :) He loves playing with his friends and brothers and sister. He continues to have endless amounts of energy it seems, but he is a lot of fun. He also has the most tender heart and is continually doing things like picking flowers for me and drawing me little pictures with hearts and telling me he loves me. He's always looking out for others and has a special bond with his little sister.

Some of Bode's favorite things right now are soccer, Pokemon cards, riding bikes, and his new bow and arrow. He started playing baseball this year and is able to be on the same team as Jackson for just this year.

Bode's yearly questionnaire:

Finally, here are my favorite pictures of Bode over the past year:

Mother's Day program at preschool

Boys trip to Moab

Strawberry Days Rodeo 2016

American Fork Canyon kids run 

Hike to Scout Falls

Black Sands in Montana with cousins Max and Adam

Date night with mom: pizza at the park and a movie

Father and sons campout 

Family vacation to Island Park 

Meeting Coach Sitake- BYU football coach


School walk-a-thon, where Bode got the most laps in the entire kindergarten

He scored this goal :)

Best buds

Park City for the weekend

Bode was making us laugh so hard on our way to the Alpine Slide!



Family pictures

Cascade Springs

A pig escaped from the farm behind our house and decided to pay a visit!

School picture

Christmas tree hunt

Helping me make toffee

Little America

Tracking Santa  on Christmas Eve

"Mom! I want to smell like a man!"

Practicing for our trip

First lost tooth!



His valentine for Scarlett :)

Woke up on April Fool's Day with pink fingernails!

Asleep at grandma and grandpa's

A few pictures we took for his birthday

The look he got on his face when we teased him about a girl in his class named "Lola."

We sure love this boy. Our family would not be nearly as fun without him. He's such a great kid!

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