Thursday, April 20, 2017

Molly is ONE!

Just like that our Molly girl turned one year old on us! In some ways it is hard to believe, and in others, it seems like a long time ago that she was born. It's like she decided as her first birthday approached to start growing leaps and bounds and seems less like a baby, and more like a curious toddler. We had to laugh because she decided to start crawling the day before her birthday. All of our kids have been late to crawl and walk, but it was like she was determined to do it before she turned one.

In addition to crawling, she is starting to babble a ton. Her favorite thing to say is, "What's that?" as she points to something. She loves laughing, and does it a lot. It's so fun seeing her personality coming through. She loves games and she definitely voices her opinion with things! We laugh because her scream is a lot higher pitched than the boys' were. It's funny seeing these slight feminine differences.

Other notes:
-Doesn't like being rocked to sleep if I am sitting down. She doesn't mind it if I am standing, but pretty much just wants to head straight for the crib.
-Always wants mom in her sight
-Giggles just like her brothers
-Loves eating and will eat most things
-Has two bottom teeth and one top tooth that just broke through

Here are her stats from her 1-year appointment:

For her birthday, we kept things low key. We ate dinner as a family at home, opened her presents, and invited the Heinholds and our friends, the Carrolls, over for cake and ice cream.

We made Molly a giant cupcake for her smash cake. She wasn't sure what to do at the beginning, but kept tasting the frosting. She was pretty dainty about it at first! She eventually started taking bigger bites, but didn't go too crazy.

I am so glad I have done my favorite pictures monthly this first year for her. It would have been an amazingly overwhelming task to compile them for the entire year. Here are my favorites from months 11-12:

From a little photo shoot she did for a children's clothing company called "Pickles 'n Roses."

Holding hands with Hayes while moms walked the track :)

She loves snuggling her unicorn when she goes to sleep.

Helping me make the frosting for her cake ;)

We really can't describe how much this girl means to our family. She is such a joy to be around, and we just adore her. She brings a sweetness to our home and brings out a softness in us all. Her beautiful, big blue eyes and giant smile spread sunshine wherever she goes. We love our Molly girl!

We also took some dedicated 1-year pictures I will post next!

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