Sunday, July 2, 2017


This year Jackson and Bode had the unique opportunity to be able to play on the same rookie baseball team. This is likely the only time they will be able to play together. I am SO happy they were able to have this experience. I loved seeing them practice together and cheer each other on. It was so much fun as a parent to watch. This season was also extra special because they got to have their dad as head coach. 

Seeing these two all dressed up in their uniforms was one of my favorite things. I just think they look so cute! I love how Bode always tucked his batting gloves in his back pocket. 

This is Jackson's second year in this league and he had a great season. He is a great batter and had some big hits this year. 

Jackson at bat with Davis and his friend Jude watching.

Jackson primarily played first base and did a great job. Lots of awesome catches and outs!

Bode started off the season a bit nervous. He was the youngest on the team by a full year, but was almost 3 years younger than some of the older players. He had a stretch of three games in the beginning where he struck out every time he was at bat. He had a great swing, but just wasn't connecting it yet. Everyone kept saying, "When he gets a hold of that ball, it is going to go far!" About halfway through the season, something clicked and Bode started cranking them every time he was at bat, oftentimes on the first pitch! It was so fun to see his transformation and see his confidence and love of the game grow. He turned into quite the little baseball player and a big contributor to the team.

As youngest,  Bo primarily played outfield, and he did a great job. He has a great arm and made a lot of good plays getting the ball in before the runner could make it past first base. 

Bode on first base with Sean as base coach

Team picture after final game

Sean seemed to really enjoy coaching. Our boys are lucky to have a dad who will volunteer for things like this and make it a fun experience for them and the entire team.

End of season Angels baseball party at our house where the boys watched "The Sandlot" in our backyard.

In this league, there is something after the regular season called "all stars," where the coaches get together and nominate who they feel are the best players from each team to form "all star" teams and compete in a tournament. Jackson was chosen for all stars this year and he was SO excited about it. Bode wasn't old enough to qualify, which was pretty disappointing to him, but we told him there's always next year. :)
Jackson's all star team (Sean helped as assistant coach)

Jackson played first base on this team as well and did an awesome job. They lost a few games and won a few games, but most games were pretty close. Their team ended up winning second place in the tournament.

John and Sylvia drove up from Idaho Falls to watch Jackson play, which I thought was so cool. 

Another year of baseball in the books. Summer brings a nice break from sports, but I know my boys will miss it and will definitely be ready when a new season rolls around!

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