Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy anniversary!

Today is our fourth anniversary! Sean is in Philadelphia right now so we had to celebrate last weekend. One of these years we’re actually going to be settled somewhere and be able to celebrate without worrying about finals/packing/driving across the country, etc.! It’s crazy to think it has already been four years. For those of you who do not know, Sean and I are high-school sweet hearts. I love that! People say you’re too young in high school to know if you love someone, but I can honestly say I have always known. Sean was so shy and cute and down to earth. I loved that he was both smart and athletic. Girls loved him and somehow I was the lucky one he chose to date. I finally scanned some of our wedding pictures the other day—here are some of my favorites:

I saw this Q&A on my friend Lachelle’s blog and I thought it would be a great way to end this post:

What is your husband’s full name? Sean McEwen Ricks

How long have you been married? Four years today

How long did you date? Seven months before his mission and about a year after he got home we got engaged.

What do you love most about him? He is truly the best person I know in every way. He’s thoughtful, loving, hard working, hilarious, charitable, honest, genuine, sexy and about a million other things!

Who eats more sweets? I think we’re about even. Sean tends to snack more, where I usually want something sweet after dinner.

Who said “I love you” first? Sean

How old is he? 26

Who is taller? Sean. He’s 6’5”. Hooray for me since I am around 6 feet tall! His height is one of the things I love most about him. I love being married to a guy where I can stand up straight next to him and be proud of my height. I can even wear heels!

Who is smarter? We are both smart in different ways. Sean is awesome when it comes to math and science (not my strongest subjects) and I excel more in English/writing. Makes sense since he graduated in mechanical engineering and I graduated in pr. Overall, I think between the two of us we’re in good shape to help our kids with their homework ;)

Who can sing better? Sean has an awesome voice. He’s never been in a choir or anything, but he is really talented. I was in choir all throughout Jr. High and High School so I feel like I can carry a tune J

Who does the laundry? I do. I’ve shrunk many t-shirts in my day!

Who pays the bills? We both work, but Sean gets paid a lot more! I am in charge of making sure they are paid in time.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Sean. I have a deviated septum and when I roll on my right side it is a lot harder for me to breathe. Therefore I will always be on the left until I get my nose fixed!

Who mows the lawn? Our homeowners association. They also shovel our snow and plant flowers. It’s fabulous!

Who cooks dinner? I do. I love to cook and luckily Sean is not picky (as long as pickles, cottage cheese or meatballs are not involved….) Sean’s pretty uninterested with being in the kitchen but his dad is an amazing cook so I still have hope!

Who drives? Sean does when we are together. He loves driving and cars in general.

Who is more stubborn? Me, hands down. It’s a life-long struggle I’m working on.

Who asked who out? Sean asked me to go with him to his senior prom in high school. It was our first official date and I about died with excitement when he asked me.

Who kissed who first? Sean kissed me. It was after the prom!

Who has more siblings? Sean has 5 kids in his family and I have 4.

Who wears the pants? Ultimately Sean does, but we collaborate together on any major decisions.

Happy anniversary babe! I hope you’re having a great time in Philly. I miss you and am looking forward to many more great years together!


Ryan and Cecily said...

Happy anniversary Jenny! Too bad you can't be together today, but at least you celebrated last week. : )

Mark and Lachelle said...

4 years already?! Crazy how time flies! Happy Anniversary, and make sure to give Sean lots of lovin next time you guys see each other ;)

Jason and Courtney said...

You look so beautiful in your pictures! I can't believe that was four years ago-I went to your reception. Goodness....that is crazy. That is so exciting you are going to Philly-my cousin and her husband live in Pittsburgh and they really like it there and have gone to some really cool things around that area like Palmyra and New York and stuff.

Sean said...


This was by far the best blog post I have ever read. I guess I am a lil' biased though. Thanks for the awesome message and pictures. I love you to death and am definitely missing you. I have to add in one more q&a:

Who is the luckiest person in this relationship?

Definitely me! I am the luckiest because you are my wife. You make me a better person and are amazing, beautiful, talented and a billion other reasons. Love you babe. Happy anniversary!


P.S. I had to write this from my phone so I hope it works.

Beth: said...

You're so sweet Jenny! Happy Anniversary!

j & r fullmer said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I can't believe it has been 4 years already also!! I love you guys!! I love Sean's comment it made me cry! I don't get to see that side of my brother all that often. Have a great summer. You guys ROCK!!!