Monday, June 8, 2009

IVF baby reunion

We were invited to an in vitro baby reunion hosted by the Reproductive Care Center. The party was this past Saturday and was a lot of fun. I wanted a picture of Jackson with our doctor, Dr. Blauer.

This is the best of the two we took-- Jackson's crying in the other one :) I will forever be grateful to Dr. Blauer for everything he has done for us.

Also, Jackson's good luck struck once again! The RCC had a drawing for $1,000 off your next in vitro procedure and we won! He's our little good luck charm it seems :) We keep joking we're going to take him to Vegas...

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Jason and Courtney said...

You win everything it seems like! I need you to sign me up for things.....Jackson is getting so big and is adorable and you look so good!