Monday, October 18, 2010

Nitro Circus

APX threw a big employee party a few weekends ago and we were lucky enough to go. Nitro Circus was the entertainment and all I can say is those guys are crazy!

Travis Pastrana was really fun to watch and they all did some insane stuff (including their grand entrance where they sky dived into the arena.) APX transformed their front lawn into an arena by hauling in truckloads of dirt-- so cool. My favorite part was when the guys were pulled on bmx bikes behind a dirt bike up a jump. At the top they jumped off of the bike and tried to launch into a huge plastic ball with a tiny opening. I couldn't believe it when one guy actually made it! We went with some friends and once we finally found seats, enjoyed the free J-dawgs. We only had our cell phones on us, but we did catch a few videos-- sorry, the video from my phone (last video) is not very good quality!

A really fun night and not something we'd ever get to see on our own. Thank you APX for an awesome party!


Beth said...

I ran in a 5k past there yesterday. I was wondering what all the dirt jumps were there for. Sounds like you had an awesome time!

Kara said...

APX is pretty awesome huh? On another note, I saw your post about the "quiet book" you made and am utterly impressed. It looks amazing! You definitely have skillz! :)