Friday, October 8, 2010


Our pumpkins are what I am most excited about out of everything from the garden this year. It has been so fun watching them grow and turn orange.

When we went to harvest them on Sunday we were sad to see someone decided to hack into one of them with a garden hoe (the pumpkin on the left). Probably some teenager who had too much time on his/her hands. I'm displaying the good side until it rots! :)

These two are still perfect though!

I figure now we have a good excuse to still visit a pumpkin patch to pick out another one :)


Ryan, Alyse & Paetyn Olivia said...

Jenny that is so sad some one did that.. But good idea on the excuse to go to the pumpkin patch!!

Beth said...

Your poor pumpkin! It might still last awhile since it's getting cold.

Kinley said...

Darn punk kids... I love it, I feel like an old hag saying that. But seriously dang the punk! At least you get to hit up a pumpkin patch! They are so fun! Way to go with the garden! SO cool.

Courtney said...

Those are some sweet pumkins! You've got a really green thumb. Lame that the one got hacked, but like you said now you get to pick out another one. So much fun

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

They are perfect! I just got some at the pumpkin patch to copy yours :)