Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Looking for gold

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit my great-great-grandfather's old gold mine. It is in the middle of nowhere in Utah and about an hour away from Wendover. My uncle planned the trip and we met up with my dad and some other family. It ended up being such a fun day.

I guess my great-great-grandfather struck it rich with this mine in the late 1800s. Unfortunately mining made him sick. He spent his wealth trying to make himself better before ultimately dying of miner's lung without much left to his name. Sad story!

We had to do some major off-roading to get there, which the guys of course loved. Sean and my dad assured me it was nothing compared to the stuff they climb in Moab, but it was plenty steep for me!
The red arrow at the top is pointing to the mine.
Group shot
Great-great-grandfather's luxurious "cabin"
Not much left inside
This little guy is the only occupant these days!
One of the mine entrances
Hoping to strike it rich! We found a tiny bit of gold dust and Sean found a rock with what we think is silver-- that's what we're choosing to believe anyway :)

We had a great time and it was nice to do something out of the ordinary. I kept imagining living out there in that tiny cabin. Apparently there were indian attacks in that area all the time-- must have been quite the life!


Cecily said...

How interesting, fun, and different! That's so cool that his mine and cabin are still actually there to see. What a neat experience.

Beth said...

So cool. I hope that rock really does have silver in it. What a fun weekend!!

Sylvia said...

$1340.00 an ounce? Where is your headlamp??? Love the panoramic photos, just wonderful.

Uncle K2 said...

Great photos Jen! I'm glad you kids came along and had fun. I know I did. And thanks for making me breakfast too!


Kinley said...

That is awesome! Seriously fun!