Saturday, June 25, 2011

My superhero

A couple of days ago Jackson kept running around the house saying he was a superhero. I asked him if he would like a cape and he enthusiastically said yes. One small blanket and hair tie later, and his cape was born. Add in his favorite red sunglasses and garden boots and you have one pretty awesome getup.

He LOVED running around with his cape. We spent most of our morning outside and he kept it on the entire time. He talked a lot about "super powers." I asked him what his super powers were and he said "swinging" and "riding his bike super fast."

One of his super powers in action:
haha, like father, like son!

As a proud mommy, I would like to add a few more super powers to his list.


-An infectious smile and laugh that brightens any situation. He has a light about him that helps make our home a happy place. He's also learned he can use his smile and charm to his advantage... I guess that makes him a smart super hero, too.

-Luck. It has seemed to follow him even before he was born. All of the sudden we (he) started winning stuff like online baby showers, prizes for services from our doctor, gifts from the hospital for being the New Year's baby, etc. Hence his nickname, Jackpot.

-A memory that is unreal. This kid remembers EVERYTHING. He loves to play an animal memory game on Sean's phone and is really good at it. Sean and I will mention something haphazardly and he will remind us of it days later. He can memorize a new song in no time.

-His hair. I consider it a super power because people are drawn to it like a magnet! Complete strangers are always patting his head and wanting to touch his hair.

-Being the best big brother I could ask for.

He truly loves his little brother. They are lucky to have each other.

Yes, Jackson, you ARE a super hero. Never forget it.


Sylvia said...

Thanks, Jenny! I love this post and those Super Guys in your life!!!

Chelsey said...

Such a cute post!

Courtney said...

What a cutie!! He sounds like such a fun little kid, you've got a keeper!