Friday, July 1, 2011


I told Sean a few weeks ago how I was sick of not knowing how to use our camera. I kept saying when we bought it I was going to learn how to take pictures manually instead of using the automatic settings all of the time. Well, it has been nearly two years and I think that is enough time for procrastinating, don't you? I have no aspirations of becoming a photographer or anything, but it would be nice to know what the buttons and dials on the camera actually mean.

Lucky for me, my friend Keisha loaned me a book on photography that dumbed it down sufficiently for me ;) I am finally starting to get an idea what those buttons and dials do (though knowing what they do and using them efficiently are VERY different. Ha!) We'll just say I have a lot to learn. Everything I have read says the best way to learn is just through a lot of practice.

Speaking of practice, I was playing around with different settings on the camera one morning last week and I took a couple of pictures of Bode I think turned out so cute:

It was probably more luck than skill, but it does give me hope that I might actually be learning something. If anyone with photography skills has any advice, send it my way!


Keisha said...

these look awesome! You are going to be starting a photography blog before you know it :) (it also makes it easy(ier) when you have adorable subjects to photograph)

Cecily said...

Those pictures of Bode are so cute!!!

Chelsey said...

What a cutie!!