Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 months

This guy is 6 months old.

I can't believe it. Watching him grow and learn is so exciting and fun, yet hard at the same time. I wish babies were babies longer!

He's such an enormous blessing in our home. I am so grateful he is a part of our family.

Bode is a happy baby. It is so easy to get him to smile and giggle. All he ever wants is just to be around people. He loves his brother and lights up when he sees him. Jackson loves making him laugh.

Bode started solids at 5 months. He was a champ at eating from the very beginning. I'd say he was ready, judging by how he kept grabbing our hands and pulling the spoon to his mouth! Just working on  maintaining his awesome bod ;)

First bites

By pure luck I was able to snap a picture of his sad face. He heard Jackson crying in the other room and his little lip started quivering.  
 This face just kills me.

So does this one.

And this one.

Sean's happy to have another little buddy to watch the game with.

Don't you just want to squish those cheeks and legs?!

Bode's never been a big fan of tummy time, but he's starting to come around!

Look who can sit up!
(And yes, we have those body suits in several colors.)

His first tooth finally broke through. He's drooling all over the place and likes to have something in his mouth at all times.

A few additional notes about Bode at 6 months old:
-Sleeps from 9pm to 7-8am. Takes a morning and afternoon nap.
-Loves eating solids. Will eat everything so far, but bananas are his favorite. He tries to eat his bib after every bite of food.
-Will often scrunch up his nose when he smiles
-Always wants someone near him and someone to play with. Doesn't self-entertain for very long.
-Loves the exersaucer.
-Very vocal :)
-Gets really excited when he first sees you in the morning.
-When he sees the boppee he gets impatient and wants food right away!
-Loves blowing raspberries.
-When he gets really excited he wiggles his head from left to right and does a little dance with his feet.
-Likes to grab onto his toes and put them in his mouth.
-Still takes a pacifier. When it is time for bed, after nursing, as soon as we put the pacifier in his mouth he falls right asleep. It is like magic!
-Loves taking baths.
-Gives great hugs and kisses. Grabs your face and sucks on your cheeks.

Before Bode was born I wondered what he would be like. I am so glad he is who he is. As his mom, I of course think he is absolutely perfect.

He's our second little miracle and I feel so lucky to have him.   
I am overwhelmed at the love I have for my boys. 
It's been a great first 6 months.


Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing! I run through them really fast and it's almost like video!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I LOVE his stuffed alligator...too cute. But he is even cuter :) Love all the pics!

Chelsey said...

He is sooo cute! That's crazy he is already trying to feed him self! What a cutie!!

Emily H. said...

Those are such cute pictures! Bode is a little rockstar.