Friday, October 7, 2011

First father-son campout

Sean and Jackson went on their first father/son campout this past weekend with their buddies Sam and Dax. They went up to Mutual Dell, and from what I hear, had a great time. Here are some pictures of their adventure:

Tinfoil dinners for the big boys, hot dogs for the little boys

Setting up the tent

Ready for bed! 
I love this picture.

Jackson was a little nervous about sleeping in the tent. I guess there was a moth that flew in (a "butterfly" as Jackson called it) and he refused to lay down until the moth was out of the tent. Sean said it took a few episodes of Donald Duck to get him comfortable and fall asleep.

In the morning they discovered they had been robbed by raccoons during the night! The raccoons got in the cooler and ate the rest of their marshmallows, a dozen eggs, pistachios (they even shelled them, which I find very impressive), an entire bag of popcorn, cookies, etc. Sneaky buggers! 

Not sure what this sad face is for.

All smiles on the way home :)


Chelsey said...

What fun for Dax & Jackson! I love that they are such good buddies! They are too cute!

Keisha said...

I'm totally showing this to Darren! How did you get this luxury of having the guys gone for a night :)

Dad award for Sean. And I love that Jackson had to watch Donald Duck to fall asleep. These kids aren't cut out for "roughin it".