Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkins and fall

I am happy to report after the great pumpkin massacre last year, our pumpkins escaped unharmed this year :) 

All summer we thought we only had one pumpkin growing. It is the biggest pumpkin we've had so far and was completely orange at the end of July! Overachiever I guess ;) 

A few weeks ago my friend Kristol found a second pumpkin from our plant that we had overlooked. It was growing in her garden spot on the back fence... literally on the fence.

It didn't turn fully orange until last week, so we must have just missed it since it blended in with everything else. I thought it was so funny that is where it ended up!

Two pumpkins for two little boys :)

Here are a few pictures from one of our recent trips up the canyon. The colors were so pretty! 

We stopped at Silver Lake Flat. Jackson was in heaven throwing rocks into the water with his dad.


 I love fall!


Andrea Steffensen said...

I couldn't be more proud of your gardening skills... even if they went unnoticed for a bit!

Chelsey said...

Sweet pumpkins!! Beautiful pics!!

Keisha said...

I die everytime I see those pants on mr. jackson!

look at you, pumpkin grower! It looks like you planted the perfect amount of pumpkins to get two pumpkins for those boys. (what would you have done anyways with all the extras ;) )

Courtney said...

You have the best garden. I love those two pumpkins, perfect for both boys. Your pics make me miss utah. Love the colors there!