Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Happy Halloween

After Sean's swearing in, it was time to prepare for Halloween night! 

First up was dinner with our friends, the Ogdens. Jackson was pretty excited about the witches brew.

Time for costumes!

This year we had a Butterball turkey and a lion :)

The turkey idea came from a comment my dad made awhile back. He was talking to Bode and referred to him as a butterball and said something like, "We're just going to have to baste you and put you in the oven." I realized awhile later that I could re-use the fleece body suit I made for Jackson's Bam-Bam costume last year and turn it into a turkey. I got some cute ideas for the costume online-- my favorite being the tinfoil covered carseat as a roasting pan :) So easy, and I think it turned out so cute!

Sean's aunt gave us this cool lion costume a few years ago. With "Lion King" being Jackson's current favorite movie, it was a perfect fit! I know this is picture overload!

I love how his hair fits right in with the mane :)


The lion costume was apparently meant to be because Jackson's best friend Dax ended up with the exact same one! This is crazy because this costume is old! As I mentioned, Sean's aunt gave it to us in Las Vegas years ago (and it was old even then). Kristol's sister found Dax's at a garage sale in Utah. When we realized it was the exact same one we knew it was just meant to be. So fun for them to be able to go trick-or-treating together in matching costumes!

They got plenty of candy and we all had a great time. 

After trick-or-treating it was back to the Ogden's house for some hot chocolate.

Bode was done with his costume so we took it off (minus the bow tie) and let him strut his stuff for his cute girlfriend :)

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


Chelsey said...

Iam dying over Bodee's costume! So clever and what a cute turkey! Dax and Jackson are two cute lions!! Looks like a ton of fun!

Sylvia said...

There is no such thing as picture overload! Everyone looks so cute, love the lions, and the turkey is so, so cute! Makes me giggle each time I look at Bode, his smile is pretty special too. Love the little skeleton girlfriend, such a cutie.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I am seriously obsessed with that Butterball costume...cutest thing ever! I love it :)

Keisha said...

still in love with bode's costume. and i love that lion hair jackson has! i only love halloween to dress up the kiddos!

Kara said...

Love the costumes! Nice work!

Brad n Bekah Blizogg said...

LOL! Love the turkey costume! What a great idea! Your boys are so cute!