Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bode's birthday

I think Bode had a pretty great birthday. 

Then again, any day that starts out with cake for breakfast has to be good. 

I don't normally give my kids cake for breakfast (even if it is their birthday). I tried making his cake the night before and failed miserably. The cake tasted great, but looked awful. I put raspberry filling in the center, causing the whole cake to slide all over and making it impossible to frost. It was really ugly. I scrapped that one and decided to make a new cake the next day. Anyway, Bode found the cake on the counter the next morning and just dug in, so I figured, why not? 

We took him to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory because spaghetti is one of his very favorite foods. My parents and my sister and her family joined us and it was a lot of fun celebrating together. The kids even got balloon animals. 

Have I mentioned this kid loves spaghetti?

By the end his plate was clean-- though he definitely was not!

After dinner, we headed over to our clubhouse to open presents. The kids watched "Winnie the Pooh" (his favorite) in the theatre and we had cake and ice cream. 

Gifts included a new big wheel, Nerf gun, a motorcycle he can scoot around on from grandma and grandpa, a fire truck and Jeep from nana and papa, a bubble machine from his cousins, and a boat toy from a friend. He's been pretty excited about all of his cool new stuff.

Here's my second attempt at his birthday cake. Thankfully, this one turned out a little better :)

Make a wish!
Happy birthday to our sweet Bode!

Notes on Bo at 2-years old:
-Wears size 6 shoe
-Wearing clothing true to size or one size larger
-Still jumping all the time and loves trampolines
-Talking up a storm and will repeat anything we say
-Favorite foods: bananas, spaghetti, hot dogs, green beans, most fruits, noodles, green smoothies, chips
-Loves wearing sunglasses
-Rarely talks at a normal volume-- likes to shout just about everything (and yes his hearing is fine!) ;)
-Favorite show/movie: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Winnie the Pooh (any of them)
-Busy, busy, busy. Never slows down. Ever.
-Easy to smile and says "hi" to just about everyone
-Could swing all day
-Tries to be just like his big brother
-Other favorites: motorcycles, daddy's "zoom zoom car", balls, dancing, throwing anything and everything


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

The cake is so cute :) Looks like a technique we learned in one of our classes (oh those were the days when you would pick me up at Raintree and we'd drive to cake class!) Happy Birthday Bode!

Gina said...

Your boys keep getting cuter! That cake is awesome. Hope you guys are well!