Saturday, April 27, 2013

little fish

A few weeks ago the boys started swimming lessons with the infamous Pam. She came highly recommended by a few friends and now we know why!

Both of our boys were afraid of putting their heads under water and in the matter of a few short weeks, they are now able to swim on their own!

Playing "motor boat"

I love Bode rocking the pink goggles.

Here's Jackson!

And a few videos of Jackson:

I am so proud of our boys. Jackson, especially, conquered his fear of the water and LOVES swimming now. He can swim the length of the pool completely unassisted and it gives me peace of mind. Bode can be so fearless that I am glad he has the basic survival skills down in case of an emergency (such as when he jumped into a pond last year...)

We're going to miss seeing Pam every day!

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Chelsey said...

Holly cow!! Go Jackson!! My kids aren't even close to that!!