Friday, August 30, 2013

Lake Wenatchee

Immediately after picking Jackson up from his first day of school, we hit the road for a much anticipated trip to meet the Knights at Darren's parents' lake house on Lake Wenatchee in Washington. It was a long drive, but it was so worth it!

Jackson asked us over and over, "Are we in Washington yet?"

We made it around 11 pm that night and went straight to bed. The next morning we woke up to this view:

This was our first trip here, and it was BEAUTIFUL.

There were all sorts of things to do, and it really is a paradise for kids (and adults!)



Hot tubbing (very popular with Luke and Jackson)


Jet skiing (I sort of love this picture)

I got to try paddle boarding (no picture, but trust me, I am doing you a favor) and Sean got to try out wind surfing! Darren and his dad were kind enough to give him a lesson. I love how you can see both of the guys in this picture-- Sean in front and Darren in back kite boarding.

One of the days we headed into Leavenworth, which is a Bavarian-themed town. It was DARLING. Hanging flower baskets everywhere and cute little shops and parks. Jackson found his Christmas ornament for this year (a bell that looks like the one from Polar Express). The toy shop was also a big hit.

While we were walking, we noticed blackberry bushes next to some of the sidewalks with ripe blackberries. I still am in awe when I hear people from that area tell me blackberry bushes are like weeds there! We had to stop and pick a few to eat. They were so good!

Loved hanging out and relaxing with the Knights (and laughing close to the point of tears at some of the funny stories we heard.) Overall, such a fun trip with some of our very favorite people.

Since we were heading through Boise on our way home, we were excited to stop and say hi to Thomas, Megan, and Miles. It was a welcome break in the drive and Megan spoiled us. She loaded us up with all sorts of yummy snacks and made me her favorite pregnancy drink that I now love: diet ginger ale, lime, and a sprig of mint! I was ready to just unload our stuff and stay for the night. 

We knew we had to get home for Jackson's school the next day, so like responsible adults, back on the road we went. Toward the end of the drive we saw this awesome double rainbow that we drove through.

A good ending to a good trip.

Thank you, Knights, for inviting us and being some of the coolest people we know!


Chelsey said...

I love all these pictures!! What a fun trip!!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I sort of love that jet skiing picture too! What a fun trip...that place looks amazing :) Glad you all had so much fun!