Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A few handmade gifts

I seem to go in spurts when it comes to sewing. I've made a few things for the boys for Christmas and birthdays I think turned out cute!

A new towel for Davis for his first birthday:

I mentioned in an earlier post how I made this turkey ornament for Davis this year (in honor of his turning one on Thanksgiving Day). I copied one I found online and I was really happy with how it turned out!

I also made these matching coin (or whatever treasure they deem worthy) holders for Jackson and Bode  for Christmas. Again, I patterned them after one I saw online and am so excited about how they turned out. 

I put their initials on back so we could tell them apart.

We let the boys open them on Christmas Eve. They really loved them, which made me so happy. Bode  has been carrying his around all over the place. 

Finally, as I did with the older two boys, I made Davis a blanket and gave it to him for Christmas. He's outgrowing a lot of his baby blankets and I wanted a big one he could wrap up in without his toes hanging out. I always struggle finding the right fabric. After several trips to fabric stores and multiple orders online, I finally came up with a combination I love. 

I feel like I hit stumbling block after stumbling block while making it. Most of them were by my own doing and inexperience, but I was determined to get it done (and done right!) in time for Christmas. I finished hand stitching the binding around 2 am on December 23rd and I love how it turned out.

Opening it up on Christmas morning:

Taking a nap with his new blanket on Christmas. My heart could have burst.

No new projects on the horizon, but hopefully I'll get some time to start something new before too long!

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