Monday, March 17, 2008

Sin City

We decided on a whim to head to Vegas for the weekend to spend some time with family and get away for a few days. Of course we made sure to fit in some time for shopping and good food. We always love spending time with Rachel and Diane and they were so nice to let us come crash with them on such short notice. Here are some of the other highlights of our trip:

LOVE the Cheescake Factory at Ceasar's Palace. Our food was amazing and as you can see, my entree was large enough for a family of 10. And yes, it was delicious.
Since BYU was playing UNLV for the Mountain West Conference title on Saturday, we thought we'd check it out. Game was fun, even though BYU fell on its face the second half... We did learn though that UNLV fans are CRAZY. I mean seriously CRAZY. Although I was afraid we were going to be jumped, it was highly entertaining. I enjoy trash talking fans when it relates to game play. Unfortunately some people were saying really ignorant, stupid things. For instance, we had a woman with a chain smoking man voice sitting behind us who screamed the entire game, "Retreat back to your temple!" I kept thinking, I should turn around and say something equally stupid such as, "Retreat back to your stripper pole!" I'm pretty sure she would have killed me.

Love the shopping and especially love the new “Townsquare Las Vegas” with the brand-spanking new H&M (aka the best store ever).

The best. I think APX's slogan applies here: Often imitated, never duplicated. Amen.

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Cassi said...

Sounds like a ton of fun Jenny! It's always fun to just get away for the weekend!