Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things that must go

We like to listen to X96's morning show with Kerry, Bill and Gena. They do a segment that we love called "Things that must go." We thought it would be fun to compile our own list of things that must go:

1. Advertising campaigns (and mimics of these campaigns) that are long past their prime and are now just annoying. For example... who honestly still thinks it's a good idea to copy the slogan 'got milk?'. Or how about the bizillions of livestrong silicon bracelet knockoffs? And Mastercard, we were still in Jr. High when you came up with those 'priceless' ads. Finally, Subway, we all know by now that Jared lost 9,000 lbs. eating only Subway-- it's been 1o years for heaven's sake and he's an annoying spokesperson anyway! Let's work on some creativity here people.

2. Dogs used as accessories and the people who think it is ok to tote their pet around in their purse/jacket in places like restaurants and malls.

3. Rolling backpacks-- 'nuff said.

4. Pot holes. If you live in Utah, you know what we are talking about. It seems like we need to get our car realigned every time we drive somewhere.

5. Girls with giant ROXY stickers on their cars (who also frequently dote flower leis hanging from the rear-view mirror). We wonder, do all these girls truly love ROXY? Do they have a closet full of ROXY clothing/products that they just love so much they want to proclaim that love to the world in the form of a sticker? Or is it really more of a "look how cute and preppy I am" or "I am a wannabe hardcore surfer/snowboarder" type of thing? Seriously, have you ever noticed how many cars have these on them?
6. Along the same lines as #5, the little family people stickers plastered on nearly every SUV in Utah County.

7. Swimming with Dolphins... never done it.... never will. If you saw the Discovery Channel special we did, you wouldn't even think about it.

8. LDS comedies. Do people actually pay to see these movies? We should mention we do enjoy "The Work and the Glory" movies.

9. Used car license plate covers advertising the business of where the car was bought. For example, we don't really know of any make or model of car that looks better with Low-Book Sales' license plate cover on it (you know, the ones with the flourescent yellow smiley faces on it).

10. People who after asking you where you went to school (we tell them BYU) say, "Which one?". We have nothing against BYU-I, we just find it odd we have to clarify so much.

11. Cumin (the spice) and cottage cheese. Some people just don't have a palate for some things, and for Jenny, cumin is of the devil. For Sean, it is cottage cheese.

12. Applebees restaurant. We're just not fans.

13. Wearing a bluetooth headset when not in use. It screams, "Hey, look at me! I think I'm so awesome and important." The giant ones that look like they are taking over your ear are especially hilarious, and yes, we are laughing at you.

14. People who try to rush into an elevator before letting others out.

What are some of the things you would include in your list of "Things that must go"?


April said...

People who talk really loud on their cell phones in public places(like a movie theater) so you can hear their entire conversation. Please don't bring me into your conversation!

j & r fullmer said...

I am going to laugh all day about this little post I totally agree with all of yours! I am not a fan of the UGG boot look alikes and people wearing capri's with these boots seriously people you are not Heidi Klum come on. It's like when they put on these boots they become instant models. (I should say a couple girls in the salon do this. I do not even want to know how bad their feet smell at the end of the day!!!)

Jason and Courtney said...

Totally with you on the family stickers....they drive me absolutely nuts! Glad to see you are a blogger now....I know I will laugh everytime I read yours. Love the sarcasm!

Beth: said...


Mark and Lachelle said...

Jenny! You crack me up! I couldn't stop laughing at your "Things that must go" post. Here's one: souped up, low-rider, tinted window Hondas with the loud-ass mufflers! And how about the Calvin pissing sticker?! Got to go! And my number one thing that needs to go, Tyra Banks and her lame ass talk show! Ok, I'm done...for now! Oh, my hubby and I have a blog too if you want to check it out. It's: