Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Idaho Falls fun

I stayed in Idaho Falls for a week after the reunion. My sister and her kids also stayed and we had a lot of fun hanging out with my parents.

Highlights from the week:

1. Going to the zoo with J-dawg, my mom and sis and my niece and nephew. Also, getting a snowcone at Funland. This monkey was really funny!

2. Going to my niece Remi's birthday party

Thank you Rachel for taking this cute picture at the party!

3. Swinging at the Ricks's
4. Getting a Hawaiian shaved ice (the kind with soft-serve ice cream in the middle!)

5. Slip 'n slide and kiddie pool at grandma's house
6. Seeing my niece Riley dance at her recital-- she rocked her duet!

7. Getting to spend the afternoon with my friend Andrea who just had surgery

8. Homemade strawberry ice cream (and yes, I realize a lot of my "highlights" involve food!)


1. Accidentally ruined our camera. Still not sure what happened-- Sean found it on the driveway at the cabin and it had rained that afternoon. Doh!

2. Jackson blew out his pants on the drive home and I only had two wipes at my disposal to get the job done. We're talking he needed an entire change of clothes...

3. Came home to dry, withered plants on my balcony and in my window boxes. Thought all hope was lost, but alas, showing some improvement today!

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Mark + Courtney + Colby said...

thats awesome you got to spend so much time with family! What happened to Andrea?