Friday, November 6, 2009

Congrats to Sean!

Sean passed the patent bar!!! He actually took the exam two weeks ago. The testing center gave him a sheet that said initial results showed he passed and the official letter came a few days ago confirming he did! He's studied so hard for this and I am so proud of him. He put in countless hours of study-- many times in the early morning or late night so he could spend more time with Jackson and I. As soon as his papers are processed, Sean will officially be a registered patent agent. This means he can process patents (even though he hasn't graduated from law school yet). So if any of you out there have something you need patented, give Sean a call ;)
Congratulations Sean!


Brian said...

Props, bro. Big time.

Beth said...

That's a really great accomplishment. Way to stick to it and study hard. I will definitely come to you if I need to patent something. Congrats!

Steven said...

Congrates Sean. Stacy was having some problems with the old blog so she started another one, search for Ricks Family 5. And check out the family. Stac has some good pics up, anyways can you patent ninja stuff? Just askin