Monday, November 2, 2009


This was the most excited I'd been for Halloween in as long as I can remember-- I guess having a kid will do that to you! We headed up to Idaho Falls for the weekend.

We took Jackson to a few houses of family and friends to trick or treat and had a great time. Our first stop was at my grandma's house-- Jackson loved playing in the leaves in her front yard. I always used to be really excited to go to my grandma's house on Halloween and show her my costume. I am very lucky she lives so close to my family.

We also met up with Sean's sister's family to knock a few doors together and it was so cute to see the kids in their costumes. My friend Andrea happened to be at her parents' house in the same neighborhood we were in and so we stopped by and had a lot of fun hanging out. We (I mean Jackson) scored some yummy candy! ;)

We ended the night at Sean's parents' house with both of his sisters' families. The cast of characters included a cat, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, two chickens and a tiger :)

We hope everyone had an awesome Halloween this year. I've had a lot of fun looking at everyone's blogs to see how you all celebrated!


Darin & Emily said...

You'll have to tell Andrea hi for me next time you talk! I hope she is doing well!
Adorable little boy you have! Halloween is a lot more exciting with kids! Somehow we lose the imagination as we get older and need kids to bring it back!

Mark + Courtney said...

I love the pic of him in the leaves! Glad you guys got toenjoy family and had a good time!