Sunday, November 15, 2009


Sean made an authentic Argentine meal for us this week. Yes, you read that correctly... Sean made it! ;)

Ever since he's been home from his mission I've heard about "choripan." I guess it's a popular street vendor item there. Basically it is a sandwich made with grilled chorizo sausage, french bread and chimichurri. The sandwich rocked-- and I loved that I didn't have to make it. I also discovered I love chimichurri. I love love love it. Those Argentines know what's up.

For dessert we had dulce de batata, which was also really good. I'm not even sure how to really explain it. It's like candied sweet potato/gelatin that you cut into a wedge. You serve it with queso cremoso (creamy cheese). Definitely unlike anything I had ever tasted before, but surprisingly very good!

Chimichurri recipe here.


Underwood Family said...

The sandwich thing sounded good, but I don't know about the gelatinous thingy. That's awesome that Sean got in there and cooked for his woman!

Cecily said...

That's awesome! I love trying new foods, and the Argentine food Sean made looks delicious!

Mandie said...

Aaron and I are drooling, we love argentine food. We need to have asado some time!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Definitely have never heard of those dishes before...but they actually sound really good. Does Sean want to make us a meal too?? Eh eh?? :)

Mark + Courtney said...

Go sean! Way to show off! I'm impressed.