Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fourth

As has become tradition, the day started with my dad taking the grandkids (minus one) for a ride in the Model T down the parade route. They go before the parade starts and throw candy and have a great time.

I love this picture of the kids watching the parade!

Miss Brinley and I. The fact that she is letting me hug on her is a big deal and I took advantage!

How Bode spent most of his time:

These two are quite the buddies and it is so much fun watching them talk and play together!

My mom put on quite the bbq for everyone-- yummy ribs, barefoot contessa pasta salad, watermelon, garlic bread, etc. I have decided my sister is the baker of the family and she did not disappoint with the cute cake she made:

We watched the infamous Idaho Falls fireworks from Freeman Park this year. It was a good choice. The kids got to run around, it wasn't crazy crowded and we had a good view.

Julie and Emily brought glow-sticks for the kids and they were a hit!

Though Bode didn't think it was funny when his dad did this:

Nothing food can't fix!

In my quest to learn more about my camera, my sister-in-law and I spent our time waiting trying to figure out what settings to use to take pictures of the fireworks. My initial guess was totally wrong. Someday it is all going to click!

Oooohhhh Ahhhhhh

Unfortunately Jackson wasn't so into fireworks this year. We had a small incident a few weeks ago where we lit off a tank in front of our house. He was taken completely off-guard with the loud "pops" at the end and ever since then it has been game over. He tried to put on a brave face at the first of the show, but was screaming before we were even a minute in. The only way I got him to calm down was by laying down with him on the grass snuggled under a blanket. Poor kid. Better luck next year!

I decided to stay in Idaho Falls with Jackson and Bode for the rest of the week. Sean is in full swing studying for the bar, so I thought we'd give him some peace and quiet for a few days. My dad was headed to Alaska with my brother, and my sister and her husband went to California and left their kids with my mom for a few days. I thought it would be fun to spend the week with my mom and I knew Jackson would love spending time with his cousins (from both sides!)

Besides the aforementioned kidney stone debacle, we had a great week. Jackson had the time of his life.
There were lots of popscicles...

Playing at the park and a ride on the airplanes at Funland...

A trip to the zoo (where we saw a baby zebra that was only a few hours old!)...

And tons of cousins to play (and dance) with:

What more could a kid want?


Chelsey said...

Looks like you had an awesome 4th!! Your boys are so cute!!

Sylvia said...

I love watching the dancers ... next time karaoke?

Keisha said...

I want you to be my mom! Seriously, you have it under control like always. I need tips.

Also, how do I get such cool boys like you? Darren and I always says every week after church a comment about Jackson. "I'm kinda obsessed with him." "Did you know he sports a SF Giants hat all the time, its sweet."

Ahhh I love being around all these cute little guys.