Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa and a new stocking

The boys got to sit on the big guy's lap today. Jackson was so excited and has been asking me about going to see Santa all week. He ran right up to him and said his line he has been practicing-- "I want a train set, please!"

 I didn't have the camera in focus yet, but I thought this picture was still so cute.
Bode grabbing Santa's beard to make sure he is legit! ;)
 He is!
 We all got a good laugh and thankfully there were no tears or hesitation this year.

On another note, I realized we needed a stocking for Bode. I made some for Sean, Jackson, and I a few years ago and copied some designs I liked out of Crate & Barrel. I looked to them again for inspiration and found these cute ornaments:

I used the sledding one as my guide to create Bode's stocking.

I thought it turned out really cute!

Glad Bode now has a stocking ready for Santa :)

Every year when I take out our "J-O-Y" stocking holders it causes me to pause and be grateful. I bought them after Christmas several years ago with the anticipation of having our first child by the next Christmas and needing three holders. We didn't have a child by that next Christmas-- or the one after that. Those Christmases where the stocking holders remained in their packaging were difficult. The following Christmas, I was about to give birth to our sweet Jackson. Having to buy an extra holder this year because we have expanded to a family of four is very humbling and a sweet reminder of how grateful I am for our little boys.


Cassi said...

I think your stockings are adorable! I love the simplicity of them and I love the colors. Are they just felt?

Cecily said...

I remember your original post of your stockings. They're so cute, Jenny! I love your story about the stocking holders too...not the part about waiting but the part about being grateful. It causes me to reflect on those same feelings of gratitude.

Rachel said...

I am so grateful for those little boys too! Cannot imagine life without them. This post made me shed some tears. I need to remember how grateful I am too. Love the stockings you are amazing!

Keisha said...

adorable stockings. adorable boys (i say this everytime). and amazing story. you are such a sweet and amazing mom. your little miracles sent straight from heaven!!

ps. darr was looking at this too and loves the photos :)

Britney Anglesey said...

Those are ADORABLE stockings! You are so talented, and what touching memory of the holders. :o)