Friday, October 19, 2012

Sean's big race and a carnival

Vivint had it's big company party last weekend. They rented out the Spanish Fork fair grounds and threw a huge carnival. Part of the entertainment included a big Endurocross race, which naturally, Sean wanted to participate in. Anyone surprised? haha

Here is the course from a few different angles:

That big tire pit proved extremely difficult for all of the riders! There were also big logs, giant tires, and a pond they had to ride over.

Lined up and ready to go

Sean on the far left in black
It was the first time Sean has ever raced, and he did awesome! The course was three laps and up until almost the end of the last lap, Sean was in third place. He did awesome through the tire pit, which is where almost everyone struggled. On the last lap, the guy right in front of him got stuck in the pit and Sean had to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting him. When he did that, his engine died and it took a long time to get it started again.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures during the race. I only had my cell phone and my battery was nearly dead. Sean had his GoPro on his helmet, only to find out at the end of the race it hadn't turned on! :( 

Before the big race, we hung out at the carnival for a few hours. 

The kids had a blast on the rides!

Sean took a turn on the 'ole bull

There were balloon animals...

 face painting...

 and tons of carnival games with awesome prizes!

Thanks, Vivint for an awesome night!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

So fun! Glad that company has been so good to you guys :) And glad Sean is safe and sound and had fun!