Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sean had a few free hotel stays we needed to use by the end of September, so we decided to take a "staycation" and headed to the Marriott at City Creek in Salt Lake. We ended up having such a fun weekend. Packing was easier, getting around was easy, and it was just laid back all around. The kids thought staying in a hotel was the coolest thing ever and loved the elevators and the swimming pool. Bode pushed the "help" button in the elevator probably 5 different times, though he tried VERY diligently to make it every single time. 

On Friday night we headed out to dinner at Cinegrill. After, we walked through City Creek and headed to Kneaders to pick up some yummy desserts. Saturday morning we headed to Little America for breakfast (it is tradition!). We took TRAX knowing the boys would think it was cool. 

The hot chocolate with our breakfast was pretty awesome.

We then took TRAX back to temple square and walked through the visitor's center and around the temple. 
I love this picture.

After a drive through Emigraton Canyon while the boys napped, we decided to head to This is the Place Heritage Park. We had never been. It ended up being really fun, and the boys loved it.

Jackson and "Honey"

Bode and "Banjo"

Petting zoo

Train ride around the pond-- cool view!

Panning for gold
Shortly after this picture was taken, Bode leapt/stumbled into the stream. No permanent damage...

Cashing in our gold with the banker for candy

We also made arrowhead necklaces. (You can admire Sean's masterpiece hanging from his rearview mirror. Jackson's is in time out for a few days after he used it to carve lines into the crib...) 

The rest of the trip included swimming, ice cream, and sleeping in the next morning before heading home. All in all, an awesome weekend. After this experience, I fully support the "staycation"!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

What a fun weekend! That hot chocolate looks pretty amazing. I have been to "This is the Place" once...I was a teenager and didn't want to be there (thus, my experience was much different than yours, haha). I may have to try it again one day!