Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bode turns three!

This year we threw a little birthday party for Bode at Hang Time in Orem. It is a trampoline park, and since Bode hasn't stopped jumping since he was a baby, we figured it would be the perfect fit. We were right. The kids loved it, and so did Sean and I!

The foam pits were a big hit, and so was the basketball area. 

Some of the kids even got in on a dodgeball game where they ganged up on one of the employees.

Davis taking a snooze with grandpa.

The beauty of having the party here was that I didn't have to do any of the setting or cleaning up. They had our table all ready to go and all we did was show up!

The only thing I did was make the cupcakes. Bode is obsessed with Cars, so naturally, he needed Cars cupcakes. 

It really was such a fun party. Jackson is already talking about having his next birthday party there, and I am ALL for it.

After the party, my parents took Bode to the mall to pick out a hat. He's been wanting one for a long time and always tries to wear Jackson's even though they are too big. 

Checking out his selection:

His party was Saturday, but his actual birthday was Sunday, so we had my sister and her family and my parents for dinner (pizza, since it is one of Bode's favorites) and we had cake and ice cream. I stayed up late Friday night decorating his cake.
Of course, who else would adorn his cake but Lightning McQueen?! I thought the cake turned out really cute. I let Costco make the cake-- I just decorated it ;)

The left side got a little messed up because condensation had formed on the plastic wrap in the fridge and dripped onto the cake, but I was able to fix most of it and I knew Bode wouldn't care. All he ever talked about with his upcoming birthday was how he wanted a Lightning McQueen cake. 

He loved it.  His smile when he saw it the next morning made my day. I love these types of parenting moments. 

One of his favorite gifts was this RC car from his nana and papa. The eyes on it move!

I think he had a great birthday, and I am so glad. Happy birthday to you, Bode! We love you!

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