Sunday, April 6, 2014

Four months

Our sweet Davis is now four months old!

Stats from his appointment:
Length: 26.25" (89%)
Weight: 18.5 lbs (94%) 

We love this chubby boy! This kid is unreal. Sean and I really feel like we won the lottery. Davis is the most happy-go-lucky, mild-mannered baby I have ever met. We always say he seems like he is just happy to be here. 

Here are a few recent pics:

The morning sun made him glow in this one!

Wearing green for St. Patrick's Day

An impromptu photo shoot the other day :)

This picture is my favorite. He is such a happy guy.

A cute little video I got of him giggling and smiling:

I can't believe how much he has grown in these first four months of life. He has our hearts, that's for sure.

Some notes on Davis:
-"Talks" all the time
-Sleeps through the night. In bed around 9pm and up anywhere from 7-9am
-Tries to put whatever he can in his mouth-- mostly his hands, blanket, and shirt
-Grabbing at dangling toys (started about 2 weeks ago)
-Ticklish :)
-Still likes to be swaddled when sleeping
-Still smiling in his sleep
-Always happy. Very rare for him to be upset, and if he is, it is only because he needs his diaper changed, is ready for a nap, or is hungry. Easiest baby ever to keep happy!

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