Monday, April 28, 2014

TEN years!!!

We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary! It seems so crazy to me that we have been married that long. Here are a few pictures from that day for memory's sake :)

To celebrate, we started the day by going to Joe's Cafe as a family for breakfast. It is our favorite breakfast joint, and it did not disappoint!

Sean then surprised me by arranging everything so we could go see the Sacred Gifts exhibit at the Museum of Art at BYU. I have been wanting to go since it opened, but it is one of those things I was struggling to get planned. It was such a thoughtful surprise and I am so grateful he did it!

The exhibit was amazing. It included works from Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann, and Frans Schwartz. Some of the paintings had not been removed from their original location since the late 1800s and once returned, the Carl Bloch paintings will likely never be removed again. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them in person.  I really enjoyed the whole exhibit, and seeing some original altar pieces was so cool. My very favorite painting of all was this one:
"Agony in the Garden" Frans Schwartz 

It was incredible. The emotion on Christ's face and the angel comforting Him is so moving and brought tears to my eyes. It is usually housed in a church in Denmark. If you are in Utah and haven't seen the exhibit yet, GO. You won't be sorry, I promise. And it ends May 10, so go online and reserve your tickets now (they are free!).

After Sacred Gifts, Sean had made reservations for us for lunch at the Sky Room at BYU, but we were still so full from breakfast we skipped it so we would have room for dinner!

My sister was nice enough to babysit our boys for us so we could go out. They love hanging out with their cousins!

We went to Texas de Brazil at City Creek and it was awesome. It's sort of like an upscale version of Tucanos. I'm one of those people who like to document my food, so here you go:
 The thinly sliced pineapple with the cinnamon, honey and basil oil was my favorite!

It seemed only appropriate to finish the night by sharing our favorite dessert: creme brûlée ;)

We've always talked about wanting to take a big trip for our 10-year anniversary, but as it got closer, we hadn't planned anything. I think in the back of our minds we were putting it off because we didn't want to leave Davis while he is still so young. A few months ago, an opportunity arose when Sean was asked to attend a patent conference in Ireland. We decided Davis and I would come along, and voila! our trip worked out after all! Sean gave me this traveler's guide on our anniversary, which I thought was sweet. Ireland is at the top of my traveling list and I can't wait to go!

Throughout the day Sean and I kept reminiscing about the past 10 years. It was fun talking about the earlier days and going through some of the things we had experienced together. 

These first 10 years of marriage have included:
- Moving several times and lived in the following places: Provo, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Charleston, Virginia Beach, Philadelphia, Pleasant Grove, American Fork
- Four rounds of in vitro fertilization resulting in our "Jackpot" Jackson, and later, being blessed with two more amazing little boys
- Buying our first place (town home) and building and moving into our first house
-Heartache at the loss of loved ones, including our niece and my grandma
- Sean completing his undergraduate degree at BYU, graduating from law school at the U, and passing both the Bar and Patent Bar
-Jenny finishing her degree at BYU, completing internships and working in her first public relations jobs, and learning the ropes of being a mom
-Sean being a door-to-door salesman, law clerk, and attorney
-A cruise (before kids) and fun family trips to Disneyland, Yosemite, countless trips to the cabin, and a trip to North Carolina

I am proud of us. Ten years is an accomplishment and even more so when we can say we still love each other! :) I am so grateful to be married to the best man I know and to stand by his side. Our life isn't perfect, and we aren't perfect, but I love our life together and this family we have created!

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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love that we were married only a week apart :) You guys are so awesome, congrats on 10 years. (and I might have to copy this awesome blog post :)