Friday, March 17, 2017

Hawaii! Day 1

We returned about a week and a half ago from a family vacation to Hawaii! We had been wanting to go somewhere for quite awhile, and had looked into Cancun, but things didn't seem to be working out. We looked into Hawaii instead, and are so happy we went! We really hadn't taken a big family trip to anywhere but Disneyland for a long time. We told the kids a few weeks early and it was all they could talk about. 

The day we flew to Hawaii, it was a snowy mess here at home. We were excited to leave the snow behind for warmer temperatures and sunshine!

The flight itself was good for the most part. Molly wasn't so sure about it for the first hour or so, but after settling in, she did great. The boys loved watching movies the entire time.

We landed in Honolulu in late afternoon, and by the time we got our rental car and luggage, it was evening. We drove straight into Waikiki to let the kids run around and take a break from traveling. The warm air felt soooo nice! We were all pretty much giddy. 

The boys loved the Banyan trees and had fun climbing and swinging from the branches.

We walked along the beach and the boys couldn't help but play in the sand and water, even though we hadn't had a chance to change. I remember doing the same thing as a kid whenever my family traveled somewhere with a beach.

We were treated to an incredible sunset. I had forgotten how when the sun is setting in Waikiki, everyone stops what they are doing and just pauses and watches. I don't really know how to describe it, but the lighting was almost magical. It truly did feel like paradise. Sean and I joked that night that that sunset alone was worth the packing and long flight.

I knew I wanted to take a picture of the boys with the Duke statue. When I was at BYU Hawaii I used to call Sean when we were there and tell him to watch the live online camera. The whole week it was so fun taking the kids places I have fond memories, and was sort of a full circle experience.

After the sunset we walked down to Duke's for dinner on the beach. We scored a table outside and the boys loved playing on the beach while we waited for our food. They pretty much had the entire beach to themselves.

We had to get a slice of Hula pie, and it was delicious. Jackson is still talking about it. 

After dinner we headed to the North Shore to begin the rest of our Hawaiian adventure!

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