Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hawaii: Day 6

 Day 6

Per tradition, we woke up and watched the sunrise from our balcony. 

I never tired of the view. I loved just sitting out on the balcony. Our room was on the very end of the building so it was like we were right out on the ocean. A few of the mornings we sat out there and could see whales in the distance. So cool!

We headed to the swap meet in Honolulu after breakfast. The kids were itching for some souvenirs (and Bode couldn't wait any longer for a ukulele). I was hoping who I refer to as the "jam lady" was still there, and she was! 

In fact, her's was the first booth we saw as we walked in. I still remember sampling her tropical jams 15 years ago and it was fun to see her again. I brought a few jars home this time. Bode picked out a nice green floral ukulele-- as nice as $10 will buy that is ;) Jackson found some tiki men, Davis got a monster truck, and Molly got a cute little Hawaiian dress. Everyone left happy.

On our way back to Turtle Bay, we stopped at a pretty beach on the North Shore we had seen the day before to do a little snorkeling. 

Only Sean and Jackson made it out this time. They saw some fish but thought it was better at Turtle Bay. The scenery was pretty awesome though!

Back to Turtle Bay Beach we went, where we spent the rest of the day.

I will say, it was pretty awesome staying there and being able to swap our sandy/wet towels for fresh ones as often as we wanted. We took major advantage of that all week. The beach chairs were pretty nice too :) Molly was content just hanging out most of the time, which was nice, because her napping schedule was pretty much nonexistent all week. 

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