Monday, March 20, 2017

Hawaii: Day 5

Day 5

We woke up to another gorgeous day. We decided to hike the Makapu'u light house trail that day and first stopped at the temple. I wanted to see it during the day and have more time to look around. 

 It was really bright but the kids were nice enough to let me take their picture.

After walking around, we were happy to find some shade. I kept thinking during our trip about how much had changed since the last time we had been there. It had been 9 years since Sean and I had been to Hawaii, and we went as a break after our third attempt at IVF failed. It was a difficult, frustrating time of life and we definitely needed a vacation. Coming back nine years later, with four kids in tow and as a family of six was a humbling experience. I am just so grateful for these kids. Sometimes I am still in disbelief that we made it to this point. We are fortunate things worked out for us-- I know not everyone is so lucky. All I know is we ended up with a pretty awesome bunch.

After the temple, we headed for the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail, but made a quick stop at Chinamans Hat. Such a pretty spot and I wanted the kids to see it. I remember swimming out to that island and climbing to the top in college.

We finally made it to the lighthouse trail and made our way to the top. It was definitely more intense than I thought it was going to be, but I am so glad we did it. It was a paved trail, but a steady climb in elevation and we were pushing a stroller with two kids in it most of the time. It was probably good to get some exercise after all of those coconut waffles!

On the way up

The color of the water was so amazing.

We were able to spot whales spouting in the distance and even saw one breach on our way back down.

 Incredible view from the top!

The kids were champs and I was proud of them. They seemed to be pretty impressed with the view.

After stopping at the Halona Blowhole, we headed back to the North Shore. This time we drove back the other way, along the coast (the way I was used to driving in college) and it was such a fun trip down memory lane. That drive is so insanely beautiful with all of its beaches, turquoise water,  and huge green mountains. It was all so familiar and comfortable to me, and in a weird way felt like home.

We stopped at a recommended restaurant for dinner on our way back, called Papa Ole's in Hauula. It was one of our favorite meals for the entire week. Definitely nothing fancy, but the food was so good! Typical Hawaiian plate food, but just really, really good. I'd highly recommend the Pulehu short ribs and garlic chicken. You know it is good when the locals line up to eat there.

I took a few pictures of Molly while we waited for our food because I thought she just looked cute.

After a long afternoon in the sun, we spent the rest of the day/evening relaxing at the beach and pool. I have a ton of pictures of Molly because she was the only one who was stationary! We were cracking up at Molly "dabbing" and doing #1 at the same time.

We got to watch another really beautiful sunset at the pool that evening. It was fun watching the surfers catch their last few waves of the day.

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