Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jackson: A year in photos age 7-8

Happy 8th birthday to our New Year's boy! I was thinking maybe another name for these posts I do on my kids' birthdays might be something like 'Year in Review' or something along those lines. I am always a bit apprehensive starting these posts because they take a long time (something I don't have a lot of!), but I truly do enjoy looking back through the year since their last birthday and reliving some of these memories. I feel like I noticed a big jump in growth in Jackson between first and second grade. I feel like he is growing up so fast on me! Still a kid, but there are moments I see glimpses of a young man. It's both heart breaking and exciting at the same time. Here is his birthday questionnaire:

This will be a big year for him. He will be getting baptized at the beginning of February, starting cub scouts, etc. Here are a few more notes about Jackson I'd like to add:
-He's always liked sports, but he has turned into sort of a sports nut lately. He loves watching games, learning about the players, playing Madden on the Xbox, and of course, playing sports
-Continues to excel in school and enjoys it (except doesn't love Math because it is "boring")
-Still a book worm-- loves Harry Potter (he's read the first two books on his own), Goosebumps, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
-Loves collecting and trading Pokemon cards with his friends and brother
-Growing like a weed, and sometimes I feel like I can't keep him full! Happy meals definitely don't cut it for this kid anymore.
-Wears a men's size 5 in his basketball shoes
-Overall just a really great kid. He has a heart of gold and hates seeing anyone unhappy. 

Here are my favorite photos and things I want to remember (and hopefully he will too) of Jackson from the previous year:

So excited when he lost his first tooth! One of many lost this year!

Ready for the Tooth Fairy

Testing out his new window seat in his new room!

Provo City Center Temple open house

Dress up like an old person day at school :)

Grumpy old man!

Fresh oranges off of Uncle Karl's tree.


Putting together the RC car he bought at Downtown Disney

On top of Mickey's Fun Wheel

The picture he used for his Valentines box at school. We cut out the mouth and his classmates "fed" him their valentines!

Another tooth bites the dust

First night in his new bedroom

Awesome seats for a BYU basketball game


Jazz game


Meeting Molly

Future career dress up for school--a paleontologist!

Sign on Jackson's bedroom door :)

Ready for father and son's camp out

Jackson decided he wanted to try buzzing his hair for the summer. I love his hair so much but thought, why not? It was a shock to see him without his curls! It was a fun change for the summer.

First piano recital. He played "Ode to Joy" and practiced it A LOT :)

Boys Moab trip

Angels baseball team. We signed Jackson up for the AF Baseball league instead of the rec team this year. Baseball went from being his least favorite to tied for first place. He had a great season and played very well!

BYU football camp with his buddies

Strawberry Days rodeo

AF Canyon kids run

Family hike to Scout Falls

Fourth of July

The Rock Shop in West Yellowstone is one of his very favorite places and we always make a stop when in town

Virginia/Nevada City

Lots of fun with Snapchat filters!

First day of 2nd grade

I was shocked at how much Jackson had grown up in one year when I did a side-by-side comparison!

Meeting Coach Sitake

School walk-a-thon

Picking chokecherries in the rain in Montana

Family pictures

Cascade Springs

Second grade class picture

Flag football team

Pictures after church one Sunday, just because mom thought they all looked cute :)


Alpine slide

Basketball team (The "Dukes")

Birthday photos taken by mom 

Just after midnight! Ringing in his birthday and the New Year with Martinellis

It's been a good year for this boy and how grateful we are for him. 

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